Today we are excited to release Relyze Desktop version 3, the next evolution of Relyze. We have changed the product name from Relyze to Relyze Desktop to better reflect its place in the Relyze family, as we have several new offerings in the pipeline. Version 3 has been in a public beta for the last year and we would like to thank all the beta users who gave us feedback.

Relyze Desktop is an interactive software reverse engineering tool, allowing engineers to analyze and understand native code software through capabilities such as our new multi architecture decompiler, binary code diffing and interactive graphing. You can learn more about all the features of Relyze Desktop here.

Version 3 adds several new capabilities. First and foremost, we have added a multi architecture decompiler, allowing you to navigate and interact with a high level pseudo code of the native code you are reversing. Built from the ground up over the last two years, our decompiler is fast and tightly integrated into the applications workflow. We have also added disassembler, assembler and decompiler support for the arm64 architecture, bringing the list of architectures we support to include x86, x64, arm32 and arm64. The plugin framework now supports custom loaders, allowing you to script the loading of a binary format not yet understood by Relyze Desktop. Finally, we have added many quality of life improvements, such as high DPI support, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. Read the change log to see all changes since version 2.17 or visit the download page to try Relyze Desktop for yourself!

We have taken this opportunity to change how we license Relyze Desktop moving forward, with the availability of both a Standard and Professional license. We will no longer offer a paid Student license. A license for Relyze Desktop Standard is free of charge for non commercial usage and will include most application features enabled, including the decompiler for all architectures. We hope this gives the community an opportunity to use Relyze Desktop for both hobby and academic usage. A license for Relyze Desktop Professional is a paid subscription, enabling all features and is suitable for commercial usage. To see the feature matrix for both licenses along with pricing, visit the purchase page.

To all our existing customers, thank you for your support so far! We are upgrading all Relyze v2 Standard licenses with a valid subscription to a Relyze Desktop Professional license with an equivalent remaining duration on the subscription, so if you currently have 6 months remaining on your v2 Standard license, you will now have a v3 Professional license with 6 months remaining. All Relyze v2 Professional licenses with a valid subscription will remain as a Relyze Desktop Professional license, but will include a pro rata addition to your subscription duration, so if you currently have 6 months remaining on your v2 Professional license, you will now have a v3 Professional license with 12 months remaining. These license changes require no action for existing users and should occur transparently.