Today we are releasing Relyze 1.2.0 which focuses largely on the plugin framework and contains a number of important updates, including the addition of plugin support for binary diffing. The full change log can be found on the download page.

An example plugin is included to copy all matched block names and instruction comments from one side of the differential analysis over to the other side, which is both useful as well as a nice example of how to interact with the diff results via the plugin framework. The contents of this plugins run() method can be seen below. If you are reading along it may be useful to consult the SDK documents as you go.

Some additional updates in this release also include access to plugin shortcuts via a right click menu in the GUI and the ability to run plugins, via the command line, through a completely headless instance of Relyze.

To try Relyze for yourself, download the latest trial. Existing users can use the builtin update feature to receive the latest version.