Today we are releasing Relyze version 1.1 which contains a number of bug fixes and user interface improvements. The main feature addition in this release is interactive binary diffing, which is a great way to both quickly and visually observe the changes between two binaries. This is a useful analysis technique for tasks like patch analysis or inspecting malware variants.

After performing a differential analysis, a list of all equal, modified, removed and added functions will be displayed. For modified functions you can see a percentage difference value, allowing you to quickly spot heavily modified items. You can also quickly filter the results by name to identify areas of interest. Modified blocks or instructions will be colored orange, with additions colored in green and removals colored in red (The colors can of course be changed via the theme settings in the application options dialog).

As all the graph views are interactive, you can add comments, bookmarks, rename variables and so on as you work. The two graph views can also be linked in order to synchronize selecting matched instructions, as well as scrolling and zooming the graphs.

To take Relyze for a test drive, download the latest trial. Existing users can use the builtin update feature to receive the latest version.